While celebrity concept is not new in the country, electric gossip news and modern technology have increased our fascination with fame. For this reason, we are ever curious to know the trending celebrity news about breakups, makeups, new songs, marriages, and changes in the lifestyle of our favourite celebs.

This week’s latest celeb news majored on Mr. Seed forcing one of his fans to have sex. Otile Brown also hit the entertainment news headlines after adopting a hairstyle that is only seen on the heads of famous musicians like Masterpiece and Diamond Platnumz. Here is a recap of all the major celebrity news that happened this week.

1. Otile Brown adopts a new hairstyle

Famous music artist Otile Brown surprised many of his loyal fans by posting a clip of him donning dreadlocks. He was reuniting with his new beautiful Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabayet just a few weeks after their breakup rumors.

In the video captioned, “It’s Gonna be a good day. Missed you girl Nabbi….#Justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove”, Otile is seen kissing the beauty passionately.

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