stephen sang - Nandi Governor Sang claims Hon Raila conned President Uhuru into the handshake

Peace pact between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Hon Raila Odinga has created tension in the Jubilee party after a section of legislature associated with Deputy President William Ruto claimed that Hon Raila is using  handshake to bring confusion in the party.

Now Nandi Governor Stephen Sang who is also DP Ruto’s ally claims that  President Uhuru Kenyatta was conned by Opposition Chief Raila Odinga when negotiating the handshake deal.

Speaking on Sunday at St Mary John Catholic church in Maraba, Aldai constituency, Governor Sang claimed that the president wanted the handshake for development and unity, while Odinga had ill-intentions like divisiveness.

“We can now confirm that Uhuru Kenyatta, our president was conned by Raila Odinga in the discussions about the handshake.The understanding of his Excellency the president is to unite this country. The understanding of the handshake by Raila Odinga is to bring down certain individuals and our political party in our republic,” Sang said in a Facebook video shared by Lemiso Sato Emmanuel.

Regarding Odinga’s position in government following the handshake, Sang dismissed claims that the former Prime Minister was a co-president.

“Yesterday, ODM are now telling us Uhuru Kenyatta Big 4 Agenda is not going to be achieved, forget about it. Raila Odinga’s people are telling us that Raila Odinga is a co-president in the Republic of Kenya.

“The constitution of Kenya does not allow co-presidents. We have only one president in the Republic of Kenya, and Raila Odinga has no business claiming he can be able to run this country jointly with President Uhuru Kenyatta,” he said.

Governor Sang noted that the President may fail to leave any legacy if things did not change.

“As we speak, if things continue they way they are being run right now, Uhuru Kenyatta our President will have no legacy in this republic,” he opined.


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