Deputy president William Ruto’s forays into Western and Coast regions have done little to change voting patterns, recent polls indicate. His strategy to use Church harambees as a way of reaching the masses seem to have backfired according to a poll conducted by Policy Options Kenya, a research firm based in Westlands Nairobi.

The poll result indicate a 52 % disapproval rating among those polled.

The poll conducted in 8 regions, and 30 counties selected a sample size of 2200 registered voters .Unlike other polls, the sampling considered age, marital status , rural and urban demographics in order to have more accurate results.

Presidential Poll

The poll only considered leaders who are perceived to be running for presidency in 2022. As pr the lated polls Raila was rated highest with 32% ,DP Ruto 22% , Mudavadi 20 % . Raila seemed to maintain his strongholds with Nyanza scoring 65%, Nairobi 52% , Coast 56%, Western 44%, Rift Valley 25%, Central 36% Eastern 46% and Northern frontier counties 34% respectively, while Dr Ruto had an impressive run in his backyard of Rift Valley with 66%, Central 40 %, Western 24 %, Nairobi 35%, Coast 25%, Eastern 36 % and Northern Frontier counties 56%.

On the issue of public servants participating in Harambees, voters were asked if it will influence their voting. 44% said it won’t while 26 % were affirmative. On corruption perception, highest number of voters at 52% think president Uhuru is committed while 56% think DP Ruto is not committed to fighting corruption.

On what issues may influence their voting in 2022, over 45% of the voters listed Corruption, 36% Economy, 30 % on unity of the country, others issues to be considered included devolution and health care.

Approval Rating
Voters were asked if they approve or disapprove the job President and Deputy President were doing. 42 % of the voters disapprove Uhuru’s performance , while 39 % approve President’s work while 54% of the voters disapprove Deputy president’s work and only 26 % approve.
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From the polls, Ruto’s forays to western Kenya and Coast seems not to have created major impact as expected. This can be as a results of voter’s affirmation that fundraising may not influence their voting patterns

The polls also considered that many leaders have not declared their candidature which may have influenced the poll pattern. If any of the leaders polled opts out of the race and others enter the race, polls are likely to shift. Policy Options will be carrying quarterly surveys to track candidates and client perception of national issues, MD Mr Jeff Mwaura said

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