Photo: Senior counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi who has appeared for DP Ruto in the Weston Hotel land case. He is the right person he should have consulted to study the merger documents between URP and TNA.

The problem with Ruto is that he is surrounded by ignorant sycophants who can’t see beyond his wallet. While merging TNA and URP to form Jubilee Party, the hawk eyed Mt Kenya mandarins sneeked in a transitional clause which gives the Party Leader sweeping powers to appoint and fire Party Officials in the interim until elections are held. The application of this transitional clause was to expire once elections are held, which have not been held to date. And there is every indication that elections will not be held in the near future, conveniently, so that the Party Leader can continue to exploit the transitional clause in dealing with tangatanga and shaping his succession. It is that particular transitional clause that Uhuru has applied, successfully so to speak, to kick out Ruto’s stooges and proxies from the NMC, as the President regains control of the Party.

Murkomeno who is a close confidant of Ruto, and who purports to be a lawyer is deficient in interpreting the law and constitutionally bankrupt in matters law. He has never won a single court case and I have never heard him quote any section of the law except ” the law is very clear”. Ruto was supposed to engage the services of Orengo & Orengo Co.advocates or a similar firm of seasoned lawyers while merging the parties. The only options he has now is to go to court where he will lose or officially join and unveil one of the three Parties he has registered through his proxies namely United Green Party (UGP) registered by Murkomeno and Sudi, Grand Dream Development Party ( GRDP) registered by Caleb Kositany and The Service Party of Kenya by Mwangi Kiunjuri.
The dice is cast

Peter Bosire adds: No wonder Tuju, the Jubilee party secretary general, keeps reminding members to carefully read the party constitution. Something that they either ignored or were ignorant of.

The very same people who voted UHURUTO twice to punish Raila, are the very same people now crying how the economy is bad, how JUBILEE has FAILED and is CORRUPT. And the tragedy is that they are the very same people waiting to vote for Ruto in 2022 to punish Uhuru.
They only for x to punish y, nothing else.

By Kiberenge Jnr via Facebook
1 111 - Orengo was right, Murkomen is an incompetent lawyer, read how he misled DP Ruto

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