supreme court judges Mohammed Ibrahim Jackton Ojwang Smokin Wanjala and Njoki Ndung%E2%80%99u  - Petition to ouster 4 top supreme court judges suffers one withdrawal

The judiciary has been on the spot light over cases of abuse of office,gross misconduct and graft allegations as well sending a worrying message to Kenyans who cannot rely on the voted legislators in the smooth and productive running of the country with the required discipline.

In a twist over action on top judges however,Mohammed Mohamud Sheikh who was among 13 petitioners has filed a notice of withdrawal from petition that sought the removal of four Supreme Court judges.

The petitioner says he wishes to withdraw the petition that he filed early this month “wholly, voluntarily and without condition.”

“The petitioner prays for the withdrawal of the petition dated 13th March, 2019 and disregard of the averments therein, “states Sheikh.

However, the application by Sheikh to have the petition withdrawn has little impact since he filed the case alongside other petitioners who are yet to apply for the same.

Last week, JSC confirmed it had received the petition which accuses Justices Mohammed Ibrahim, Jackton Ojwang, Smokin Wanjala and Njoki Ndung’u of violating the Constitution during the Wajir gubernatorial petition.

“The petition was considered and the Commission directed that the same be served upon the named judges. They were given 14 days to respond to the issues raised therein,” it said.

Judges have recently been under siege with Supreme court Judge Jacktone Ojwang facing removal if the tribunal set by the president adopts the recommendations by the JSC that he was compromised while delivering a ruling in the Sony Sugar belt case.

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