Police arrested two people on Monday after they were caught offloading 1,114 kilogrammes of bhang worth Sh4.5 million at Kahawa Sukari estate.

The two were arrested as they packed the rolls of bhang inside sacks from a petrol tanker in their house at the estate.

Kiambu county commander Adiel Nyange said they were alerted by residents who saw men offloading suspicious items from the vehicle.

“The two will be taken to court today as we investigate where they were transporting the bhang from,” Nyange said.

1893251 - {PHOTOS} Sh4.5m bhang seized at Kahawa Sukari, two arrested

The petroleum truck outside the suspect's house

Residents told the Star the occupants of the home moved in recently.

“We only see vehicles moving in and out, especially during the wee hours of the night,” a resident said.

1893247 - {PHOTOS} Sh4.5m bhang seized at Kahawa Sukari, two arrested

Police addressing journalists at the suspects' house

The dealer is believed to be one of the suspects Kiambu police are closely monitoring.

On January 4, a businessman was charged with possession of bhang worth Sh225 in the CBD that he claimed to be his medicine for hypertension.

Daniel Obogi denied the charge and accused two officers from the Central police of demanding Sh6,000 to release his vehicle.

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