Miss Winnie Odinga the last born daughter of premier Raila Odinga has joined Embakasi East MP hon Babu Owino in volunteering to deliver online classes to high school students online via social media platforms. Winnie said she is strong in English and History while Hon Babu Owino a straight A student from nursery to University is strong in all subjects but will mainly focus in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Babu Owino graduated on top of his class from The University of Nairobi’s Chiromo campus where he studied Actuarial Sciences. On the hand Winnie graduated with a degree in political science at the Drexel University in Philadelphia, USA.

The duo, are very young, Winnie is 29 and Owino is 30 have their future secured with Babu making his presidential ambitions public while Winnie is so far working behind the scenes supporting her father, the enigma. They are both a powerful team and may in future rule Nairobi with Babu as Governor and Winnie as Kibra MP or even PM or president.

By giving online lessons the duo are giving the much needed support to the young generation of voters who will be around for the next 50 years and therefore the move is politically smart.

On Friday, Winnie said she will soon launch online English and History classes.

“With that being said, I start online teaching soon. English and History were my subjects. But be fairly warned, my history classes may differ drastically from the curriculum. You may fail the exam but you will win in knowledge of the truth,” she tweeted.

“Club Covid wamekataa, online learning wanakataa. What do these dinosaurs want us to do online? Just watch churches being streamed and sing hymns? No way. The future will be digitized!”

She was referring to Education PS Belio Kipsang’s remarks of warning untrained persons not to conduct online lessons saying they were committing an illegality.

“Anybody who is offering to teach students without being qualified is undertaking an illegality, and so is anyone circulating e-learning information that is not approved by KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development), ” said Kipsang warning the ministry will take action.

Kipsang said for a person to be qualified to teach they must be registered with TSC.

“All the content of learning delivered to students must be approved by the KICD, whether for online learning or physical learning. And every teacher must be qualified,” he told MPs.

Babu Owino last Saturday helped KCSE candidates to revise mathematics Part II where he offered valuable examination tricks, the session was streamed live on his social media pages including Instagram.

Babu took the learners through topics regarded by learners as “hard” including differentiation, calculus, integration and trigonometry.

“Mathematics is the easiest subject on earth,” he said.

“The Principal Secretary Education Belio Kipsang is BASKING IN THE GLORY OF HIS IGNORANCE by banning our lesson.We will PROCEED with our KCSE CHEMISTRY REVISION tomorrow at 2pm.Stay tuned on my Facebook,” he said
3 - POWER TEAM! Raila’s daughter Winnie and MP Babu Owino to continue offering online lessons for KCSE candidates

2 3 - POWER TEAM! Raila’s daughter Winnie and MP Babu Owino to continue offering online lessons for KCSE candidates

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