Deputy President’s campaign team based at Jubilee Asili Centre are responsible for a series of fake news items targeting former prime minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenya. Now, it turns out Prime Minister Raila Odinga indeed flew out of the country in a private jet to DRC Congo where he is attending an AU conference on Hydro Electric Power.

The former Prime Minister is scheduled to address the meeting in his capacity as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure. See official programme

Kenyans woke up to disturbing fake news that Prim Minister Raila Odinga had been flown to China for specialized treatment, the rumour started after Dennis Itumbi wished him (Raila Odinga) a good night, a signature bad news signalling something dangerous or harmful may have happened, he did the same when he wished Statehouse staff good night and the next day it was announced that four of them had tested covid 19 positive.

Blogger Gordon Opiyo who has worked with Itumbi previously lifted the lid on DP Ruto campaign team, and blamed them for a series of fake news;

“Good morning. What is going on??? What happened at night???? Some of us are in the village fishing monye at Lake Kanyaboli…
Tanga Tanga mouthpiece Itumbi does something suspicious… He wishes Raila a good night…. Then moments later, we start seeing posts that Raila has been flown to China on a private jet for urgent medical attention….
Those in Nairobi, tell us what is going on…
It started with a fake list of voting at the UN Security Council, that was meant to discredit President Uhuru, by showing that Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia voted against him. Then they create a false Alarm of Raila being flown to China.
I ask :what joy do Jubilee Asili members have in hating their President and country??
What do you gain by spreading lies and fake news about our beloved country?”
– Gordon Opiyo said on Facebook

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports indicate that Raila Odinga left the country on a private jet to DRC Congo where he is attending an a conference on Hydro Electric Power. This trip is courtesy of the Africa Union where Raila serves as the High Representative for Infrastructure- See programme
1 93 - Raila Odinga flew out to DRC Congo for AU Conference on HE Power, ignore Ruto team propaganda

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