Popular Reverend Kathy Kiuna was wished a happy birthday by her loyal congregants in the most stylish way possible.
cathy kiuna - Rev. Cathy Kiuna blasted for idol worship, slavery
The much-celebrated city pastor is one-half of the couple founders of JCC Kenya and during her birthday the members of her church surprised her with a grand gesture of appreciation by writing on placards how much she means to them and lining up at the entrance to surprise her.

These pictures have gone viral for the simple writings on them. The men have been criticized for idolizing Cathy and calling her mum whereas they aren’t related. They were blasted online by netizens. Here are the reactions:

Ooro Ooro Nyangi And your wife’s birthday you can’t remember upus tu

Sharon Shazy Yani ni mabwana za watu…..aaaaaaaiii this is sad

Elsie Elsie How many wished their spouses? Issa mega dam scandal

Hillary Odhiambo Uhunye once said
kiuna - Rev. Cathy Kiuna blasted for idol worship, slavery
Nyarari Ya Ciru Proud to be a Catholic,, yaani the way the founders of the churches love to be noticed ,worshipped ,praised uuuuuiiii reke nemwo after all we don’t showoff because the founder of the church is Jesus himself

Bibi Ya Munyaka And none of them knows their parents birth dates or death deaths to celebrate their anniversaries…slavery in Christianity

Mamake Jamala These are the same men who forget their own kids birthday, nkt! Lubbish

Barbara Tom Afadhali nifukuzwe church i can never do this shit ati mum arghh it irritates me to the core… i doubt if they keep the same energy with their family

Binti Mwangi Hope you are remember to wish your real mums h b d, pure slavery 🤔🤔🤔anyway hbd pastor carthy

Aly Bae Hawa wanaume am sure hawajui birthday za ma wife zao

Susan Wangui Some of this fools don’t even know their real mothers birthday

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Nyar John Hapo kwa turning 25 and choosing u in another life mmmshwee

Lavendah Oito Amam Hadi wababa wakubwa my dad angekua hapo Ningemchapa kofi

Janet Achieng The smiles on this men’s face sio za wanakondoo

Julia Juliana 😎 na makeup artist wake heaven ataionea kwa umbali 😋

Judy Isaac Hii ni cult ama…how can grown men do this…bibi zenu na watoto wenu wamewaona..haa

Charity Natalia Montana Where do people get the strength to call pastor’s and their wives ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ 🤔

Neemah Kerubo Hili limama oh sorry licucu linaturn 25 ni ligani aki watu huzeeka hivi wakifika 25 ama sielewi

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Janvan Lyn Turning 25 again it might be 75yrs …..lol calling Bibi wa pastor my mum that one will never happen….kama n kufukuzwa ile ya ng’ang’a better 😔😔😔😔

Rebecca Njue Njue Afadhali nifukuzwe, niitwe mafuta ama lubbish

Joanne Blessing Musheenzi in Atwolis voice

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Sarah Muthoni Wanjue Naomi come see a bunch of idiots in the name of Brothers in christ(note: not Jesus Christ our saviour)…reason why niko single…reu aya ni athuri aaûû…. kafa mikorofia nyendagie makorofia

Brenda Odinga Mijinga ni mijinga tu …. Yet you can’t even do this to your biological mum let alone your wife

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