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Ruto should continue playing the victim by complaining about Kenyatta’s actions,it will favour him come 2022 PHOTO//COURTESY

The main challenges are threefold – William Ruto is very ambitious, Uhuru Kenyatta is laid back and a succession plan in which Kenyatta’s coterie want Ruto out of the way.

It’s very convoluted mainly because of how the opposition starting with the African Union Infrastructure envoy Raila Odinga have taken it to mean he and Kenyatta are equal while Ruto is secondary.

He is below the pecking order. The long relationship between the Kenyattas and the Odingas is working in their favour. The handshake has destroyed the camaraderie between Ruto and Kenyatta.

From a public standpoint, which is where it matters most, the relationship has been smooth.
Where squabbles or differences existed, they have been managed well. Both Kenyatta and Ruto have very different personalities but they have served each other well.
Ruto has been good at being seen as slightly outside the core decisions of government like the management of the economy. This should help him in the 202 campaigns. And he can use this as propaganda in favour of his campaigns.

It will give him room to blame Kenyatta and the failed Jubilee promises.

The 2022 General Election campaigns have formally started. The Building Bridges Initiative reports and work provide the best platform to politic, build alliances till the ballot day. It provides a good ground for a number of politicians to remain relevant.

Kenyatta will take a back seat as he will not want to be seen as an anointing or having a favourite in 2022. This will help him manage Ruto and Raila well politically.

The more the anti-Ruto gang paints him as corrupt and frustrate him in public, the more they position him as the people’s candidate. He will win public sympathy.

He is being seen as the candidate against the establishment. They are also giving him more play on national TV, the print press and social media.

Ruto should continue playing the victim by complaining about Kenyatta’s actions.

It’s working in his favour. He should focus on establishing a grassroots movement that will inspire alliances that can carry him across the line in 2022.
Report by The Star

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