RUto orengo 1024x1024 - Senator Orengo touched panic button of team Ruto over impeachment plot

Members of parliament allied to DP William Ruto have linked senator James Orengo’s impeachment motion to supreme leader Raila Odinga, they see the move as part of the former prime minister’s under table deals to block Ruto from taking over in 2022.

Some of Ruto allies claimed that Raila wants to be the deputy president to cement his handshake agreement with president Uhuru. It is obvious if Ruto is impeached the obvious choice of DP position will be baba- a member of Jubilee told this writer.

The Jubilee 15 MPs on Tuesday said Raila is silently eyeing Ruto’s seat and is behind Orengo’s censure motion to have Ruto removed.

But Orengo dismissed these claims saying Raila  had nothing to do with impeachment motion

“It is me speaking; Raila has his mouth and I got my mouth When I am speaking on behalf of Raila (which I have done before), I’ll say as much!”Orengo said.

“I don’t know whether Raila shares the sentiments and particularly knowing that I was saying it as Orengo. These were my views and I can tell you that when I moved a motion of no confidence of [former President], Moi, it was my motion.”

The Senate Minority Leader said Ruto should be investigated over links to corruption allegations.

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