Maina Kamanda - Show some respect, Former MP Kamanda hits out at DP Ruto

Former Starehe Member of parliament Maina Kamanda has warned leaders from critising the handshake between President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga but instead support it.

While speaking at Ol Kalou Catholic Church where he was the chief guest during the parish’s choir competition, the Jubilee nominated MP cited that the country would be at a bad place today if it were not for the handshake.

“Without the handshake, there would be no a country called Kenya today. But Kenyans are forgetful and sometimes they do not notice when the country is headed to the wrong direction,”

He further urged leaders, especially from Mt Kenya region, who have been critising the handshake to support the President in his sustained war against corruption.

He further reminded those bad mouthing President Kenyatta and Raila’s deal should know it assured them peace and freedom they are enjoying today, Uhuru-Raila unity is about the country and has nothing to do with 2022 politics.

He said the opposition leader cannot be wished away given the large following he commands across the country. The legislator said someone who gunners seven million votes while Uhuru with all the government machinery, working day and night gets eight million votes cannot be taken for granted.

Maina Kamanda who is one of the Jubilee leaders critising DP Ruto added warning the DP and his allies from abusing Raila Odinga to stop because he is not “your age mate. He is not Maina Kamanda’s age mate either. People should stop calling others witches and sorcerers”.

Maina Kamanda’s sentiments came a time when DP Ruto’s allies have been critising the government and Uhuru’s war on graft claiming that the president and AU Envoy Raila Odinga have been targeting one community to destroy Ruto’s ambition to become president in 2022.


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