Nairobi Governore Mike Sonko set the internet ablaze when he appeared on TV wearing a bigsized headgear while supervising the ongoing fumigation exercise in the city.

Unknown to many, the headgear is not your usual helmet used by mortobike operators and engineers on site,but a scientifically designed protective cover that has been used by health officers across the world.

The helmets were designed by technology firm Kuang-chi, which is based in Shenzhen, southern China .

It has been used by thousand of Chinese citizens in the cities of Shanghai,Chengdiu and Shenzhen.

They boost of high tech installation of a detective camera which can scan the body temperatures of anyone within a five-meter radius.

When someone with high temperature exceeding 37.3 is within the 5 meter distance,a small alarm is triggered.

It also has a speaker which automatically announces the body temperatures of those passing by.

20200330 145841 300x208 - Sonko’s headgear can detect Covid-19 symptoms 5 meters away

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