This noteworthy news site provides contemporary information and other services. Statistics proves that almost 18 million people visit the resource every month to get the latest Nigerian news. The site users can select the correct type of information they need at the moment.

Statistics proves that the number of unique visitors on one of the most visited Nigerian newspapers today online has been keeping on growing. Presently, it is almost eighteen million people monthly. Regarding gender, 75% of visitors are male, and 25% are female. A user usually spends 7 minutes on this website. She/he usually reads 5+ pages. Regarding the age of audience, it ranges from 24 to 36 years.

Breaking news in Nigeria today has become an essential part of life for plenty of African Internet users. It is not surprising as Nigeria is the most populous country on the continent. Moreover, readers from 170 countries of the world monitor Nigerian news at this resource every minute. With more than 190 million page views per month, has become one of the most largely read resources in Nigeria.

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