A Powerful Statehouse operative has warned DP Ruto against seeking unncessary sympathy by blaming Statehouse for troubles that are his own making.

”It is high time somebody grew balls, come out clearly and tell Kenyans the truth; Statehouse did not block him from his much publicized North America tour; let him first show us his VISA if he got any, you people must stop believing cheap propaganda. Uhuru’s diary is known months in advance save for emergencies, so the issue of diary clash is utter busllshit”- Statehouse operative told a political pundit at Serena Hotel.

Well, it seems that the DP may have been denied VISA by the USA and as is with the norm, the Consular will not disclose reasons since they are prohibited from discuss such matters. The DP can however visit USA only as a guest of the United Nations in New York, remember Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi and Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chaves, President Ahmednajad among others were only allowed into the USA to attend UN events and nothing beyond that.

Last week, US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter warned corrupt Kenyans will neither be allowed into the US nor pay for their children’s education there. McCarter spoke during the Junior Achievement Organisation 100 years celebration in Nairobi.

“You cannot allow somebody to steal Sh 20 billion and fine them Sh 10 billion. We deal with thieves in a very brutal way, not even according to the law. Somehow, we tolerate the theft of billions in Kenya. If we stop tolerating thievery, Kenya will be a shining star for democracy and prosperity in Africa,” ambassador MacCarter said.
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Top NASA strategists had posted this last week when news of Ruto’s VISA application came out on social media

”Kenya’s most corrupt is a cornered man. The biggest question is did the High Priest of corruption apply for a visa? I know there’s a Kalenjin convention coming up in Dallas!! Am not sure who was designated to be the keynote speaker. But when its followed by this ambassadorial statement, it raises my suspicion that some Kalenjin keynote speaker visa application may have been blocked. However, a successful visit would have been a huge propaganda coup, like the one for Chatham House. But mungu ni yule yule, wacheni mungu aitwe mungu” – Sospeter Otieno

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