Residents of Central Kadem in Nyatike Sub-County,Migori county are demanding justice over the death of primary school teacher Julius Kiano Guy.

According to Guy’s wife Esther Adoyo, her husband’s lifeless body was found in a thicket near her home in February 24, this year.

Adoyo said her husband left her home the previous day, Saturday, in the evening but never returned.

The family together with the community now wants justice for Guy who was a teacher at Goglo Primary School in the area.

Villagers joined pupils of Goglo Primary School in their demonstrations today to call on relevant authorities to speed up investigations over the murder.

They claimed that no arrests had been made yet the alleged killers of the teacher were well known.

Christopher Ogwade wondered why the suspects were still walking free.

“Why has the government taken this long to make arrests yet we know the suspects, what are they thinking about this matter? Ogwade asked.
Crime scene - Students hold demonstration to demand justice for slain teacher
Goglo Primary school head teacher and KNUT representative for Ageng’a Macalder region Benard Okumu claimed that the slain teacher was in the company of some known individuals the eve to his murder.

“A post mortem report revealed that the teacher died of strangulation but so far nobody arrested yet the teacher was with some of his friends the previous day,” Okumu said.

Okumu said teachers from the regions will pursue all avenue to ensure the family of the deceased gets justice.

Members of the community led by the slain teacher’s wife threatened not to make any burial arrangements till all culprits were apprehended.

“Am very sad here because we cannot bury the body before we know the people who killed my husband and why,” Adoyo said.

Peter Kaloo, the family chairman said, “Even if it take 10 years, Nyatike people will have solro and everything will be okay.”

But speaking to Migori News in his office, Migori County Police Commandant Joseph Nthenge said investigations on the case were on going.

“The case is under investigation and I can not talk about it untill when we get the information from the DPP on the investigation that is already in place,” Nthenge said.

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