tanzanian artist harmonize to be arrested for smoking bhang - Tanzanian artist Harmonize to be arrested for smoking Bhang

By Milton Were

Tanzanian government will not have it with ‘modern’ celebrity behavior, from issues with Diamond Platinumz and now Harmonize. Now, Harmonize has attracted the government attention by posting photos of himself smoking substances that is suspected to be weed.

Although the authorities are yet to prove that it is actually bang, the singer is under scrutiny. The government has given the job to Dar Es Salaam region commissioner Paul Makonda to make a follow up on the same, after videos of Harmonize smoking have been making rounds in the internet.

Tanzania is known for maintaining the moral fabric of its nation especially in the entertainment industry.  According to commissioner Paul Makonda, if Harmonize is found guilty of smoking marijuana he will immediately be arrested as it is illegal in the Tanzanian law.

He said: “I have seen one guy in Ghana and the smoke he was exhaling looks like he is smoking weed. I have spoken to the Ghanaian governor to help me investigate harmonize is he is smoking weed or a cigarette. If at all it is weed, immediately he steps in Tanzania we are going to prison. We cannot try to kill drug abuse and you are enjoying it. Jail will be a lesson to him and other Tanzanians.”


Paul Makonda launches anti gay campaign - Tanzanian artist Harmonize to be arrested for smoking Bhang
Paul Makonda – Regional Commissioner – Dar

The government of Tanzania looks like it will not be entertained by the entertainment industry as this is not the first time the government has expressed their authority on singers.

The authorities are strict on guarding the moral fabric of the country; ans also a stricter eye on the Wasafi Record artistes. We have seen strict measures being executed on key celebrities like Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny whose songs were banned from being aired in Tanzania, and also banned from performing in the country until recently that the ban was lifted.

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