The wife of Taita-Taveta Senator Johnes Mwashushe Mwaruma, claims another woman could be eyeing her hubby.

Margaret Righa spilled the beans on a WhatsApp political forum where she complained that a married woman- named Patricia – who works in an MP’s office – is being too cosy with her man.
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Senator Mwaruma told The Nairobian he’s aware of the beef over him, but denied his wife moved out of their Voi home to Nairobi over the matter since “we live in Nairobi, so it is not true that she (wife) has vacated the Voi house because of that. I know Patricia because we are in ODM together thus we work together, but she is a married woman.”

Mwaruma further denied rumours that he secured Patricia a job at an MP’s office in Mwatate before he became the senator.

“I know Patricia, but I think it’s just the nature of women. They are not happy when a man gets too close to another woman. But my relationship with Patricia is strictly to do with party issues, nothing more. Other issues are just perceptions from different people,” Mwaruma responded while laughing off the matter.

Mwaruma was elected on an ODM ticket in 2017, trouncing Jubilee’s Joyce Lay Wanjala.   

His wife’s post on the ODM Taita Taveta WhatsApp group reads in part: “If we help politicians get political seats does that in any way give you a right to make them your lovers…. am so shocked.”

She went on to wonder: “Is that a ticket to break their marriages even when you are married?”

 When the responses were flowing fast and furious, Righa replied to only one of the members that, “Debs, Usijali kila kitu kitakuwa peupe…Nitamwachia bwana aje aolewe aaache wake maana ni kama hamtaki(everything will eventually come out in the open. I will leave my husband for her because she seems like she is not interested in her husband).

One of the group members advised that: “Mwanike lakini usimwachie bwana. Watu wengine jamani si ako na kwake na bwana yake? (Just expose her but don’t leave your husband for her…some people, isn’t she married with her own home?).

Another member stated that: “I can see a family affair which seems a bit delicate but I believe it can be handled and sorted out.”

Another group member replied that, “Tena ninashuku mke wa Seneta ni mrembo kumliko…(I suspect the senator’s wife is hotter that her).

Righa then exited the group, but not before posting the contacts of a woman identified as Patricia and asking her to take over. In what could have been a rejoinder, Patricia shared a WhatsApp status reading, “Why are you scared of what I will say or do tomorrow? You were so vocal on WhatsApp and now you are running away. Let’s meet and settle scores. The guilty are always afraid.”

Contacted by The Nairobian, both Righa and Patricia declined to comment on the matter.

Patricia instead asked, “Why can’t you call the woman (Righa) to tell you that…in fact I’m not in that group nor am I a member of ODM.”

Before joining politics, Mwaruma was a teacher and a professional development tutor at the Teachers’ Service Commission.

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