By Onyango Ochieng Jnr
So, its rumpured that everyone inside the big house was whispering of how Musalia Mudavadi was a super warm reception in Muranga….
1 56 - The day Musalia Mudavadi caused panic Statehouse, pulled a massive crowd in Muranga !
I must accept that this was a jaw-dropping maneuver from a man I always brushed-off as a career low-energy. Seems like he’s hiding in the basement of his bunker in Lavington has worked some sure political BET. Look at the symptomatic enthusiasm here in Kenol town, Murang’a! The love was indisputably overflowing. They were shading TEARS of joy. Had Musalia sneaked out of the car; they would have used those tears to WASH his feet and WIPE them with their hair like Mary Magdalene. Which brings me to my POINT of the DAY. Musalia should relocate his party headquarters to Kenol Town. Because these people appreciate him more than the people of Mululu–his ancestral village! Look at the way he arrived and took over this place like a BEAR on a silent WINTER night!
Never judge Musalia by his HIDING….

Francis Otieno: Could this enthusiasm be driven by curiousity to catch a glimpse of a man who has been hiding all long?Anyway he made a laudable maneuver,he will have to go on the overdrive in order to translate this enthusiasm of the masses into solid votes,and to place him on the pedestal among the worthy competitors.

Nickie Gerald: People come out only to hear wjat they say, not to listen. Besides, people ars “idle” and bored staying indoors, they lost jobs. They are barely surviving on fumes.

Steve Mukula: O.O.Jr any crowd in central when there are no election campaign, whether arranged or spontaneous is “Fools gold”, very deceptive, extremely unreliable.#

David Odhiambo: 1f923 - The day Musalia Mudavadi caused panic Statehouse, pulled a massive crowd in Muranga !Should he get a running mate from Kenol? Getting no vote at his running mate’s polling station is still fresh on our minds

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