Sunday Reflections
By 2000, Opposition Leader, Mwai Kibaki had already established a blueprint for the economic revival of Kenya… He spent several months designing the plan to get Kenya out of the economic mess of Kanu….
Having worked as Finance Minister, he assembled a team of other patriotic Kenyans to identify areas that Moi messed up with the economy…
They established ways of plugging all holes in Revenue collection……..
On day one, Kibaki went to work, and in three years, Kenya was firmly back as the regional economic giant…….

Fast Forward in 2020……..
We are in deep economic crisis….. But where are the economic experts like Kibaki?
The leading political voices are not telling us how we will get out of the huge debt hole, how things will get back to real economic growth post 2022…

The only narrative we see is “Raila Fresh Plan to tame Ruto” Ndindi Nyoro heckled in Murang’a Funeral “” Atwoli attacks Ruto over Hustler name “” Raila says Raggae is Back ”
Seriously, is anyone thinking about restoration of the economy? Is anyone thinking how we will pay the huge debt borrowed in the past 7 years? Is anyone thinking about what to do to see small business return back to profits? Is anyone thinking about making Kenya food sufficient instead of relying on Uganda and Tanzania for food? Is anyone thinking about reducing theft at Kenya Power to make electricity cost affordable for manufacturing?!

Kenya is blessed.
Truly blessed with hard working people.
Kenya has innovative minds
Kenya has the best brains in Africa….

Unfortunately 1f1f0 1f1ea - The joke that has been Jubilee regime, the mess, mass looting, scandals, extra judicial killings has the worst leaders in the world.. Extremely selfish and irresponsible fellows…..
How we get out of the mess depends on what we do in the next two years… Or few months, if Maraga gets his way to dissolve Parliament and Government…..

In the year 2000, we had Kibaki showing us how he would rescue the economy..
In 2020, we have leaders arguing about Enigma, Hustler and kumi yangu na kumi yako….
Nothing about the state of the economy
Nothing about creation of jobs
Nothing about food security
But you and me can change the narrative…

By Gordon Opiyo via FB

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