Controversial Kapseret member of parliament Hon Oscar Kipchumba Sudi has claimed that the Kenyatta family controlled Kenyatta Power company has intentionally engineered a nation wide blackout to avoid spread of news that Hon Moses Kuria is missing. In a tweet Hon Sudi makes a direct correlation between the missing of Moses Kuria and The Kenyatta Family empire that includes owns majority shares in Kenya Power.

HON. OSCAR SUDI MP KAPSERET @HonOscarKSudi Kenya power made sure that there is no power countrywide so that watu wasiwatch news that moses kuria is missing.. All shall be well
2 2 - The Kenyatta family owned Kenya Power has switched off power to ‘kill’ news Moses Kuria is missing
On Thursday evening the Gatundu South MP Hon Kuria also linked the Kenyatta family empire to the ongoing demolition and eviction of over 7000 families whose homes are situated in a land earmarked for construction of the Northlands City an ambitious Kenyatta empire project.

Meanwhile Hon Moses Kuria has been reported missing fir over 24 hours and Kenyans online have weighted in; check some of the the tweets:

steve @stevedoopre : We have lost so many people who were very important to the nation. The likes of Musando, Saitoti, Ojode, Jacob Juma the list is endless … So Who is is Moses Kuria? @Wycliffewesong6 : The same thing happened to Benjamin Washiali,, he disappeared from his home, he had some humble time with slay queens in kisumu, then jubilee orphans were all over telling us how Washiali was missing,, nature doesn’t respect pranks, hata Musando alikufa,, kwani wee ni nini?

Samuel Fatayah @samfatayah: I wouldn’t call washing dishes in Sukhoi missing.thst house is big,with a lot of fishes to wash.i pet (sic) that’s where you’d find chief bloggers @KBonimtetezi

Sir Philip Ogechi @OgechiPhilip: Yule Moses mmoja aliyepata gari ya Msando alipopotea? @HonOscarKSudi kama ni yeye yuko karantini wachana nasi tunasubiri stima

Teddy Bryce @TeddyBryce1: None of our business if he’s missing,, he’s the one who cheered first in public when Chris Musando disappeared

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