We are switching off on Tuesday. That’s the message Mediamax staff have sent to President Uhuru Kenyatta after the Kenyatta family owned company issued a 50% pay cut notice to it’s employees.

In a memo written by Mediamax CEO Ken Ngaruiya, the company will deduct it’s staff 505 of their salaries in a bid to sustain profitability during the Coronavirus crisis.

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“We have come up with several measures to ensure that we try to sustain and ensure that the business at this stage survives and sustains itself. Amongst the proposed measures that will directly apply to employees will be a reduction of between 20% and 50% on gross monthly pay based on job levels effective April 2020.” Said Ngaruiya in the statement sent to all Mediamax staff.

Ngaruiya has however promised that the company shall review the situation once normalcy resumes based on revenue, cashflow and the state of the business going forward.

However, the understaffed employees of Mediamax have unanimously rejected the 50% pay cut which is the worst in the media industry. SK Macharia owned Royal Media Company early this month deducted it’s employees 305 of their gross salary.

The Uhuru owned firm is making the sad move just months after the company sacked 150 people leading to a major human resource crisis at the media house. K24 TV has only been left with 8 reporters while Kameme TV is on pilot mode with only 4 reporters and one new anchor. The Swahili desk of K24 TV is only operating with 2 editors Ken Wariahe and Job Mwaura.

Sources indicate things are worse at Mediamax with the staff of the firm being forced to work 7 days in a week without off days as required by labour laws. The media house also sacked all security officers and all make-up artists have not been paid for the last 3 years.

“Imagine Uhuru is pleading with private firms not to sack people during this coronavirus crisis yet his own company is sacking staff and reducing their salaries. We are now appealing to him to intervene and solve the crisis before we switch off on Tuesday,” said a journalist from K24.

The Mediamax staff from K24Tv, Kameme FM, Milele FM and other vernacular stations have now vowed to move to court on Wednesday and stop the heavy pay cut.
Revoke letter Wednesday court

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