Residents of Usoma Beach on Wednesday feasted on a hippo that was killed by Kenya Wildlife Service officers.

They complained that the hippo has been straying into people's homes.

KWS officials shot the hippo three times after members of the community raised the alarm.

Resident Samuel Odongo said the animal has wreaked havoc in the past few months.

1890699 - [VIDEO] Kisumu residents feast on hippo killed by KWS officers

Residents move the animal out of water, February 6, 2019. /FAITH MATETE

"The hippo has killed our cows which we had tethered in our compounds. We used to lock ourselves up in our houses for fear of being attacked," Odongo said.

Soon after the hippo was shot dead, residents slaughtered the animal and shared the meat.

Last year in August, a man was killed by a hippo at the same beach while fishing.

He had earlier survived a crocodile attack while fishing and was admitted to hospital for six months.

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