The organising principle of the House of Gema is Simple: Kula Ruto, Kura Uhuru. (Eat DP William Ruto Elect president Uhuru Kenyatta)
1 77 - We are praying for end of COVID-19 for Ruto to bring goodies to Central, kula Ruto, kura Uhuru
These were the words of political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi last week immediately Hon Onesmas Kipchumba Murkomen was axed as the Senate Majority Leader.

“As I have said before: You cannot buy a Kikuyu. You can only rent one,” Mutahi Ngunyi tweeted.

The good political strategist is simply telling Ruto to save his billions for the rainy days ahead, camping in Central is not politically productive, it is a waste of resources. In other words Ruto should just walk to opposition benches and do his role as fate seem to have determined.

“To my friend Murkomen, Pole Sana. I will pray for you. Now you have enough time to dry your greenhorns.”

Well, the deputy president has been accused of among other things camping in Central Kenya with looted cash, donating to Churches and youth groups with the intention of inheriting the vote rich region.

Nyeri Town MP Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu captured this recently when he said Ruto was keen on disinheriting Uhuru in his own backyard of Central Kenya and thus the president was left with little or no option but to strike.

Indeed if Ruto were to be a clean candidate or fairly clean like Musalia Mudavadi or Kalooser Musyoka then he could have given Uhuru a run for his money but with his past tainted and stinky worse than a piggery he has no chance but go through the long route of serving in opposition for 10 years to clean himself.

With no legacy to show, Uhuru is weak and can easily be defeated but not by Ruto who is dirty and represents more of the same than any other candidate. Ruto’s only fighting chance is opposition or just King Maker, in this case he can knit a serious coalition if he fronts Musalia Mudavadi and Kivuta Kibwana (with backing of Kalonzo), that will be a deadly coalition and ofcoz loop in the Somali, Kisii and small communities like pastoralists

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